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Want to produce dry set mortar, how to do it? - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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Want to produce dry set mortar, how to do it? - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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Want to produce dry set mortar, how to do it?

March 22, 2023 jinchen 0 Comments

Dry set mortar is a material widely used in the construction industry, and its advantages are high strength, strong impermeability, and good adhesion. The characteristics, production methods and processes, machine installation and future development prospects of dry set mortar will be introduced in detail below.

Characteristics of dry set mortar

Dry set mortar refers to a kind of mortar made by mixing cement, lime, stone powder and other materials in a certain proportion, adding water to make a slurry through a certain process, and then drying. Compared with traditional cement mortar, dry set mortar has the following characteristics:

(1) High strength: Dry set mortar will produce extremely high hardness and strength after drying, and its strength can reach more than 30MPa, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary cement mortar.

(2) Convenience in construction: The slurry of dry set mortar can be processed in advance, and only need to add water and stir during construction, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

(3) Good impermeability: Dry set mortar has good impermeability, which can prevent water from penetrating into the structure, thereby ensuring the durability of the building.

Production method of dry set mortar

The production method of dry set mortar mainly includes the preparation of raw materials, mixing, transportation, drying and other steps. Among them, the preparation and mixing of raw materials are the key links in the production of dry set mortar, and it is necessary to ensure that the proportion and quality of each material are accurate and reliable.

In the production process, dry mixing equipment is one of the essential machines. Dry mixing equipment usually includes mixers, conveying equipment, control systems and other components. Among them, the mixer is one of the most important machines. Its main function is to fully mix various raw materials evenly, so as to ensure the quality and stability of the dry set mortar.

The production process of dry set mortar

In the production process, the raw materials of dry set mortar need to go through steps such as weighing, batching, mixing, conveying, and packaging. These steps need to be completed by automated equipment. For example, an automated weighing and batching system can automatically measure and mix raw materials according to a specific recipe to ensure that the mortar produced is of consistent quality.

In the mixing and conveying stage, dry set mortar usually uses equipment such as screw conveyors and vibrating conveyors. These devices allow the mortar to be conveyed and mixed during production to ensure that the mortar is of the required quality standard. At the same time, in the packaging stage, the automated packaging equipment can also pack the mortar according to the preset weight and specifications, improving production efficiency and product quality.

In the production process of dry set mortar, the following points need to be paid attention to:

  • Strictly control the quality and ratio of raw materials to ensure that the produced mortar meets the standard requirements.
  • During the mixing and conveying process, the equipment needs to be kept clean and maintained to ensure the quality and production efficiency of the mortar.
  • In the process of packaging and storage, it is necessary to prevent the mortar from being damp and polluted, so as to ensure the quality and use effect of the product.

Installation of dry set mortar

In the dry set mortar production line, the installation and layout of equipment are very important. This will affect the production efficiency and the normal operation of the equipment. The installation and layout of equipment should be designed according to the size and production requirements of the factory. During the installation process, the following steps need to be followed:

Installation infrastructure: First, a solid infrastructure needs to be built in the production area for the installation of equipment. The infrastructure should be strong enough to support the weight of the equipment and must comply with local building codes.

Install each equipment: According to the size and function of the equipment, determine the installation location of the equipment, and install the equipment in the predetermined position. When installing the equipment, you should operate according to the installation instructions and drawings of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly.

Connect pipes: connect pipes and delivery systems between equipment. During the connection process, it is necessary to ensure that the diameter and length of the pipe meet the specifications, and use suitable joints and pipe clamps for connection.

Conduct electrical wiring: Connect the equipment to the electrical system and ensure that the size and length of the wires meet safety requirements. During the wiring process, it is necessary to ensure that all wires are connected correctly, and the wiring of the electrical system must meet safety requirements.

Debugging: After the equipment is installed, it needs to be debugged and tested. During the debugging process, it is necessary to check whether the functions of the equipment are normal and whether they meet the specifications, and solve any problems in time.

When installing dry set mortar production line equipment, it is necessary to follow the installation instructions and abide by local safety regulations. Only by installing and connecting the equipment correctly can the normal operation of the equipment be guaranteed and the production efficiency can be maximized.

It is worth mentioning that the installation and layout of dry set mortar production line equipment should be flexible and changeable to adapt to market changes and factory needs. If it is necessary to increase or decrease equipment, the installation position and pipeline connection method of the equipment should be readjusted to ensure the stable operation of the entire production line.

In the future, with the development of the construction industry, the demand for dry set mortar will gradually increase. At the same time, with the advancement of technology and the continuous upgrading of automation equipment, the production efficiency and product quality of the dry set mortar production line will be further improved, providing more high-quality mortar products for the construction industry.

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