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Service Details - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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Service Details - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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Service is a solemn commitment to customers from NFLG (SH, 603280), and it is also the soul of the brand that has focused on the field of engineering mixing machinery for nearly 30 years. Southern Road Machinery provides worry-free service for the entire product lifecycle, from pre-sales, in-sales, to after-sales, and is dedicated to building an excellent service brand with all its heart. Product lifecycle management refers to the management of information and processes of a product throughout its entire lifecycle, from demand, planning, design, production, marketing, use, maintenance, and disposal for reuse, supporting advanced design and manufacturing technologies such as parallel design, agile manufacturing, collaborative design and manufacturing, and networked manufacturing.

always ready to serve you.

customer service representatives

NFLG has a professional customer service team, they are 24 hours online, to provide you with one-stop services,including: service networks, products design, technical support, product complaints, service complaints, maintenance and spare parts consulting, etc., to meet your needs.

Provide technical consultation and responses.
Provide clear solution design.
Complete the dispatch of domestic/foreign engineers.
Thoroughly address and resolve complaints and feedback.


We are available 24/7


    Happy Our Client

    Our company provides solutions for many large enterprises.


    Application of HZS120 concrete mixing plant.


    Application of NFLG special mortar production line.


    Concrete mixing plant.

    Nuclear power field

    NFLG won the bid for a nuclear power project with its concrete mixing plant.


    Application of complete equipment for high-quality aggregate production line.

    1. Construction aggregates
    2. Mining processing
    3. Industrial grinding
    4. Green building materials
    1. Stock preparation order checking The document coordinator verifies the equipment model, quantity, and accessories ordered by the customer in detail according to the sales contract to ensure that the inventory matches the order completely.

    2. Factory inspection of equipment After the equipment is produced by the production system, the quality inspector inspects and records each item according to the quality inspection details to ensure the quality of each equipment to be installed.

    3. Re-checking of packing list Before the equipment is packed and shipped, the document specialist will check the packing list again to avoid missing or under-delivering of any items.

    4. Scientific packaging and transportation We use professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe and damage-free delivery of equipment during packaging and transportation.

    The output of the machine can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. If you need, you can contact us directly.

    Quick-install Dry Mortar Mixing Plant
    Workshop-type Dry Mortar Mixing Plant
    Tower Dry-Mix Mortar Mixing Plant
    Ladder Dry Mix Mortar Mixing Equipment

    Our service scope includes:

    1. Free site surveying
    2. Material testing
    3. Market analysis
    4. Solution design
    5. Investment return analysis
    6. Delivery inspection and testing
    7. Site planning
    8. Foundation construction guidance
    9. Equipment installation guidance
    10. Production line management training
    11. Supply of original spare parts
    12. Project renovation.