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How to reduce the cost of mortar production? - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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How to reduce the cost of mortar production? - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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How to reduce the cost of mortar production?

Mortar is a commonly used material in building construction, and it is widely used in the decoration and repair of walls, floors, ceilings, and other parts. The production cost of mortar is one of the important factors affecting the price of mortar. This article will introduce the composition of mortar production cost and the method of reducing mortar production cost from the aspects of raw material cost, production equipment cost, and labor cost.

Composition of mortar production cost

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Mortar production cost is mainly composed of raw materials, production equipment, labor, and other aspects.

Raw material cost

The raw materials of mortar mainly include cement, sand, lime, water, and so on. Among them, cement and sand are the main components of mortar, accounting for most of the cost of raw materials. The price of cement is affected by various factors such as market supply and demand, transportation costs, etc., while the price of sand is affected by factors such as its source and quality. In addition, the price of lime and water is relatively low, but it will also have a certain impact on the cost of mortar production.

Production equipment cost

Mortar production equipment includes mortar mixers, conveyors, packaging machines, and other equipment. The prices of these devices vary, but they all play a very important role in the entire mortar production process. The mortar mixer is the core equipment of the entire production line, and its price is relatively high. At the same time, the prices of mortar mixers of different models and configurations will also vary. Conveyors and packaging machines are relatively inexpensive, but equally essential equipment throughout the production process.

Labor cost

Labor cost refers to the wages and benefits of workers required in the mortar production process. Among them, mortar mixer operators and packaging machine operators are essential jobs, and their wages and welfare expenses will have a certain impact on the cost of mortar production.

The above three aspects constitute the central part of the cost of mortar production and also include other expenses such as equipment maintenance, electricity costs, and plant rental.

The method of reducing the production cost of mortar

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To reduce the cost of mortar production, it needs to be improved and optimized in many aspects.

Optimize raw material procurement

Optimizing the purchase of raw materials is one of the important ways to reduce the cost of mortar production. By comparing with multiple suppliers, you can find raw material suppliers with more reasonable prices and more reliable quality. At the same time, you can reduce the unit price by increasing the order quantity, or cooperate with other manufacturers to purchase raw materials to obtain better prices and services.

Increase productivity

Improving production efficiency is an important means to reduce mortar production costs. Through the use of more efficient production equipment and technology, production cycles can be reduced and energy consumption reduced. In addition, productivity can be increased by training employees and optimizing production processes.

Optimize human resources

Optimizing human resources is an important way to reduce mortar production costs. By streamlining management levels, improving employee skill levels, and enhancing employee training, employee productivity can be increased and employee turnover reduced. At the same time, flexible employment methods can also be adopted, such as the introduction of temporary workers or outsourcing services, to cope with production peaks and save labor costs.

Control other expenses

Controlling other expenses is a key means of reducing mortar production costs. For example, in terms of equipment maintenance, regular inspections, and preventive maintenance can be adopted to extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs. In terms of factory leasing, costs can be reduced by renegotiating contracts or finding cheaper leased sites.

Development of new products

By developing new products, market demand can be expanded, sales can be increased, and the purpose of reducing mortar production costs can be achieved. For example, the development of more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mortar products can reduce raw material and energy costs while meeting market demand.

A photo of the cost of mortar

In short, reducing the cost of mortar production requires improvement and optimization from many aspects. By optimizing raw material procurement, improving production efficiency, optimizing human resources, controlling other expenditures, and developing new products, the purpose of reducing mortar production costs can be achieved and the competitiveness of enterprises can be improved. There are many other excellent articles that you can continue browsing.

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