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4 Construction Tips for Cement Mortar - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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4 Construction Tips for Cement Mortar - NFLG Dry Mortar Plant Supplier

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4 Construction Tips for Cement Mortar

April 17, 2023 jinchen 0 Comments

Cement mortar is a commonly used building material, which is composed of cement, sand, and water, and has a strong cohesive force and load-bearing capacity. In construction engineering, mortar is widely used in various building structures such as walls, floors, roofs, roads, and bridges. This article will introduce the basic properties of cement mortar, construction techniques, common construction problems, and solutions.

A photo of cement mortar

Basic properties of cement mortar

Composition: Cement mortar is composed of cement, sand, water, and certain additives. Cement is the main cementitious material of cement mortar, which can chemically react with water to form a hardened substance. Sand is the aggregate of cement mortar, which can fill the gaps in the cement and increase the consistency and cohesion of the mortar. Water is the solvent of mortar, which can fully mix cement and sand and promote its hardening reaction. Additives can improve the performance of mortar, such as increasing its ductility, reducing shrinkage, and improving crack resistance.

Features: Cement mortar has strong cohesive force, compressive strength, and durability, can withstand various external forces, and maintain the stability of the building structure. In addition, mortar also has certain impermeability and fire resistance.

Classification: According to the type and use of cement, cement mortar can be divided into the ordinary mortar, high-strength mortar, special mortar, and other types. Different types of mortar have different properties and application ranges and need to be selected and used according to specific conditions.

The construction skills of cement mortar

Ratio: The ratio of mortar needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation. Generally, the ratio of cement to sand is 1:3-4. When mixing cement mortar, water should be poured into the container first, then slowly add cement and sand, and it can be used after stirring evenly.

Cleaning: During the construction process, the construction area should be kept clean, and the floating ash, mortar, and other sundries in the construction should be removed in time to avoid affecting the quality of the mortar.

Bonding: When using mortar for the construction of walls, floors, and other building structures, it is necessary to pay attention to evenly coating the mortar on the surface of the aggregate, and compacting and extruding within a certain period to increase the mortar and aggregate. of adhesion.

Maintenance: The mortar needs some maintenance after construction to ensure that it can fully harden and stabilize. Under normal circumstances, the mortar after construction needs to be kept in a wet state and can be maintained by spraying water or covering it with a wet cloth.

Common problems and solutions of cement mortar

Cracking: During the construction of mortar, due to the proportion of materials, mixing methods, and other reasons, cracking may occur. At this time, it can be solved by strengthening the aggregate of the mortar or adding a plasticizer.

Solidification: During the construction of mortar, due to weather, construction technology, and other reasons, poor solidification may occur. At this time, the fluidity of the mortar can be adjusted by adding water or adding a flow agent.

Unevenness: In the process of mortar construction, unevenness may occur, causing the quality of the building structure to be affected. At this time, it can be solved by re-adjusting the proportion of materials and re-stirring.

A photo of cement mortar

In short, cement mortar, as a commonly used building material, plays an important role in construction engineering. Reasonable selection of material types and construction techniques, as well as timely resolution of common problems, can ensure the quality of the mortar and the stability of building structures.

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